With no servers or classroom-based appliances to worry about, Tegrity can be implemented rapidly without straining IT resources.

8 Easy Steps to Implement

Try it

Sign up for a free trial account and give Tegrity a test drive. Tegrity trial accounts are fully-functional accounts that let you implement Tegrity to a small or large pool of instructors in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the service.


Your trial account is AAIRS™- enabled, meaning you can integrate Tegrity with your CMS/SIS and authentication authority in minutes*, fully automating the lecture capture workflow for your institution. For trial purposes, you can choose to expose the Tegrity link within your CMS to as many or as few instructors as you wish.


Upon a successful trial, we make it affordable to purchase Tegrity through our flexible pricing model, with options for a purchase based on number of recording hours, or for unlimited use.


To implement, simply change a setting within Tegrity to expose the link to all instructors, and then announce the availability of the service. That's it! Your trial instance simply becomes your permanent instance, and is already integrated.


When instructors click the Tegrity link within the CMS, they are taken to a personalized Tegrity interface with a list of the courses they are teaching. The list is populated through Tegrity's real-time connection to the CMS/SIS, and is always up to date. The instructor simply clicks the 'Record a Class' button to record (or recordings can be scheduled by IT), then teach as they normally would.


Once the recording is stopped, it is uploaded to the Tegrity Cloud (or to the server on campus if customer selected local storage option) and becomes available to students in a matter of minutes***. If the instructor chose to webcast the class, students can also watch it live. Students can view Tegrity content on a PC or Mac, or stream it to their Apple or Android mobile device using the Tegrity Mobile App.


During review, students can do a lot more than simply view recordings through Tegrity. They can search the content by typing in key words or phrases, take notes using Tegrity Notes, collaborate with their instructor and classmates using Tegrity Connect, and more. The highly interactive and collaborative nature of Tegrity makes learning incredibly efficient.


Unlike most lecture capture solutions, Tegrity offers reporting down to the user level. In addition to generating detailed usage reports, you can correlate usage and grades using the built-in Outcomes Analysis, thereby measuring the impact Tegrity is having on your institution in terms of academic achievement and student retention and satisfaction.