How Do Students Study Best?

By McGraw-Hill Higher Education

December 6, 2017

Student success habits, study preferences, and resources are dynamic and constantly changing. With the increase in more mobile devices in people’s lives, McGraw-Hill wanted to find out how important digital materials actually are and how they might play a role in students’ academic lives.

Working in tandem with Hanover Research, McGraw-Hill surveyed students about what they think of digital tools in their academic lives. Here’s what we learned:

53% of students prefer classes that use digital learning technology

In fact, when surveying 1,000+ students on what type of devices they may or may not have owned, not a single student reported not owning a digital device of any kind!

Digital Learning Chart

But just because someone owns or has access to a digital device doesn’t necessarily mean they utilize it for academic purpose. So we asked students which type of devices they found to be important to their studying habits.

38% more students say they complete their homework with a laptop vs. a printed book

When it comes to studying overall, how important are each of the following?

Importance of digital learning technology

With 85% of students reporting that laptops are “very” or “extremely” important for studying we also asked students what types of studying or academic activities do students report technology being helpful with?

How helpful is digital learning technology in the following aspects of your academic life:

Helpfulness of digital learning

Interested in learning more about our findings in student digital habits and preferences? Click here to download the full McGraw-Hill 2017 Digital Trends Student Survey.