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Job Searching 101

Searching for a job can be a long process filled with hours of researching companies, looking at job descriptions, filling out applications, and figuring out which jobs are right for you. Though this process can be exhausting, there are several things that you can do to help make the process a little bit easier.

  1. Get Connected to Job Websites

One of the easiest ways to explore what jobs are out there is by creating a profile on a job-sharing website. Websites such as LinkedInIndeed, and Handshake offer lists of new jobs for job-searchers to browse through.

You can also search for specific job types that you're interested in and around where they’re located. For example, I can search “Environmental Scientist” and narrow the location down to nearby where I live to see if there are any jobs around me that I’d be eligible to apply.

Not only this but creating a profile on these websites allows employers to search for you and see if you’re suitable to work for their organization. This can provide you with a way to connect with companies you want to work for quickly and easily.

  1. Utilize Your Network

Throughout your college career, there are numerous opportunities to make contact with people who work in the career field you want to get into. It is to your benefit to connecting with these people in order to expand your network of professional contacts. These people could be your professors, campus visitors, guest speakers, or family friends.

There’s a couple of ways you can approach your network contacts for help in a job search:

  • Call or email and ask if they know of any job openings in their companies or other areas for you to apply.
  • Outline to the contacts the types of positions you’re looking for and ask them to notify you if there is an opening for a job that might be a good fit.
  • Contact them about a specific position and see if they would be willing to put in a good word for you, pass along your resume to HR, or let you use them as a recommendation.

I cannot stress how important these contacts can be to helping you land a job. Don’t be shy! Introduce yourself to these people when they come around and expand your network to give you a leg up on the competition.

  1. Polish Your Resume & Cover Letter

Essential to the job search is having a resume ready to send to potential employers. This is your work profile where you can show off why you are a hardworking individual through all the experience you have, what jobs you have worked at before, where you got your education, achievements, and more. Your resume should be your work profile that can be given to any employer.

On the other hand, your cover letter should be more specific to the job you’re applying for. Consider these questions while you are writing:

  • Why do you think you should get the job?
  • What makes you a better candidate than others?
  • What skills do you have that apply to this particular job?

Describe specifically why you’re the best candidate for the position and add all the experiences you have to back that up. Just make sure you revise your resume and cover letter to fix any errors before submitting it!

  1. Don’t Lose Hope!

More often than not, especially when you’ve just graduated or are right out of college with little experience, employers will reject you. Don’t let this get you down! Keep searching for new opportunities, and apply to as many openings as you can. Even if some reject you, new jobs are popping up all the time. Get on those job websites, expand your network of professional connections and keep applying to new positions. Eventually, you’ll find the job that’s right for you.