Weird Things You Know You Do When You're Procrastinating

Published September 3, 2015

By Lina Kirby

September 6th is National Fight Procrastination Day. While we're all about fighting the good fight, let's get real: we all do it. Here are some of the weird things everyone definitely does when they procrastinate doing work:

1.  Instead of writing my research paper, I'll color coordinate my bookshelf because it … really needs to get done.

2. It's midnight and I have a huge final tomorrow morning. But, before I start studying , I'll just make a little snack. I need my energy.

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3. I'm not avoiding my homework; I just have catch up with every single one of my friends and family. Maintaining relationships is vital for living a well-rounded life.

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4. Smack in the middle of this all-nighter is the perfect time to try this new makeup trick I saw online.

5. Final project due on Friday? Well, I also have been meaning to finish this equally important jigsaw puzzle.

6. I sat down to study three hours ago … so, how did I wind up on my sister's ex-boyfriend's cousin's college roommate's mom's Facebook page?

7. Another episode won't hurt.

8. Now is the perfect time to do this entire month's worth of laundry.

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9. In between answering these practice quiz questions, I should really obsessively refresh my fantasy football stats…

10. Aaaaaand, reading this list.