“Crash the ALEKS Class” Student Video Contest: Enter to Win a $2K Scholarship!

Published February 28, 2019

It’s your ALEKS commercial. What would you say? We want to hear your success story! Submit your ALEKS commercial and you could win one of 10 major prizes, including a $2,000 scholarship!

How to Enter:

Submit your video between March 9 and April 13, 2015 to enter. Up to 30 eligible entries will be selected for public viewing and voting between April 13 and April 24. Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, how well the theme is communicated, and the number of public votes. Winners will be announced on May 8, 2015. In order to participate, you must be a student enrolled at an accredited Higher Education institution, have used ALEKS, and be at least 18 years old.

Follow these 5 Steps to Enter:

Step 1 Create a video (1-2 minutes long) about ALEKS using one of the following themes:

  • If I were trying to get my instructor(s) to use ALEKS, I would tell them ___________.
  • ALEKS helped me ______________.
  • I wish I had ALEKS for all of my classes because ___________.

All video audio must be in English.

Step 2 Include a screenshot of the ALEKS program and the ALEKS logo. CLICK HERE to download the logo.

Step 3 Fill out and sign your consent form—be sure all parties featured within your video have signed it, too. Scan and submit the completed form along with your video entry via email (details below), or you may submit the completed form via fax (details included on the consent form). CLICK HERE to download the consent form.

Step 4 Read and agree to the Rules and Guidelines.

Step 5 Upload your video to YouTube and make sure it is available for public viewing. Email your video link to successinmath.college@mheducation.com with the subject line “Crash the ALEKS Class Video Submission”. Be sure to include your name, school, email address, and a brief summary of your video. The deadline to submit is 11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 13, 2015.

Once your submission has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. Stay tuned for announcements on the 30 finalists that will be posted on the website between April 13 and April 24!

Have a question about the “Crash the ALEKS Class” Student Video Contest? Contact us here.

Signed consent forms must be obtained from all entrants and from anyone whose name, image, likeness, voice or comments are included in the Video and must be submitted with the Entry.

Limit one (1) entry per person. Videos may be submitted by a team of entrants provided that the names of all team members are submitted with the video. A lead team member must also be designated.


  • The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship!
  • Second place will win a $1,000 scholarship
  • Third, fourth, and fifth place prize winners will receive an iPad Air
  • Prize winners who come in sixth through 10th place will get a $100 AmEx Gift Card

McGraw-Hill reserves the right to not award one or more prizes if, in its sole and absolute discretion, it does not receive a sufficient number of eligible and qualified Entries.