10 Things I Hate About You: Textbooks

Published August 24, 2015

By Dennis Mulato

It's easy to have a love-hate relationship with textbooks. Students often need them, but there's plenty about 'em that makes us want to head for the hills (assuming there are no textbooks in the hills).

Here are 10 things to hate about textbooks:

Your back is paying the price.

Let's hope at least some of your books are available online, because otherwise you're stuck dragging a bulging backpack for what seems like an eternity.

On a related note, there's new evidence that Quasimodo was a chemistry major at Notre Dame.

So much to read, so little time.

There's that point in every college student's life when he or she makes a critical decision: "Do I read every chapter assigned to me, or do I choose sanity?"

Luckily, cutting-edge learning technologies are beginning to solve this problem. A digital learning device can direct you to the most important material and make pointless reading a thing of the past. You can file it under "obsolete," right next to powdered wigs.

Every semester is a budgetary adventure.

It's the most unfun game ever: each semester you nervously look up your new class schedule, waiting to find out how many books you need and what they cost. If you're lucky, it might only be $150. If not, start looking into selling your plasma for extra cash.

Too big to retweet.

It's the darndest thing. Try as we might, we can't find any textbooks that are 140 characters or less. #SoManyWords

Those mind-numbingly boring names.

Evidently textbook authors expend so much energy researching and writing that they're too exhausted to come up with interesting titles.

Cheesy graphics and stock images.

With so many pages of important text to complement, it's bound to happen: a steady stream of cartoonish illustrations and unrealistically happy faces.

However, the rise in digital education is making it a lot easier to concentrate. Bye-bye, out-of-date stock photos from the 90s.

They're HUGE.

Sometimes a gargantuan, heavy-duty textbook makes you feel like, "Hey, I'm really accomplishing something here." Other times you try to fit an oversized book, a cluttered notebook and your lunch on a tiny coffeehouse table and pray you don't have to move.

Textbooks are the first cousin of homework.

The very idea of work you are required to take home with you chills the bone. Because of this association, textbooks get a bad rap.

The big losers: trees and retinas.

Whether it's the chopping down of trees for printed books or the eyestrain of reading hundreds of pages in an eBook, you just can't win!

Why didn't 'that guy' have to buy the book?

For a responsible, hard-working student like you, it can be frustrating sitting next to students who didn't buy those recommended textbooks and won't bother with all the reading assignments you'll be doing.

Just remember: there are plenty of things to hate about textbooks, but there will be plenty to appreciate a few years from now when you start receiving a regular paycheck for doing what you love.

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