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Get Your Connect Course Ready for Summer

The spring semester has ended – finales are done, grades have been entered, and graduation ceremonies are wrapping up. Congratulations you made it!

But for many instructors, the end of spring is also the start of a new summer semester, and McGraw- Hill Education is here to help make that transition a little bit more seamless. Are you using a digital product like Connect in your course? Here are four quick setup tips to get you Connect course setup:

  1. Duplicate Your Section – The “Easy” Button of Connect

      Life should have an “easy” button right? Well, the good news is Connect does.

For those of you who have taught or used Connect before all you have to do to get started with a new course or section is click our “duplicate section” button in Connect. This recreates your entire course, assignments and all, in a new section for your new semester.

Where is this duplicate button you may ask? Just click on the gear icon next to your course section and click duplicate section. Then just change the dates and name of your section and voila! You’re done.

  1. Quick Start Connect Courses

Let’s be real here. You’re busy and very likely still run ragged from the spring semester. The last thing you probably have the time or interest in doing is creating a brand new digital course from scratch.

So here’s the good news: You don’t have to. McGraw-Hill Education has already set up turn-key, getting started Connect courses for all courses and disciplines. We can happily send those courses to your Connect account so you can just simply change the dates to fit your summer or fall schedule. No catch, no gimmicks, and no extra steps.

To get these courses sent your way just let us know what courses you teach and can contact your local MHE rep.

  1. Online "How-Tos"

Sometimes talking to a person about how to set something up is the last thing you want to do. We get it. For our DIY-inclined instructors, McGraw-Hill Education has a searchable database of “How To” articles, screenshots, and videos that help you customize and set up Connect to match your course syllabus. Visit us online to find the resources you need.

  1. Get 1:1 Help from MHE

Then again sometimes you just really need to speak to a real, live person about how to get what you need from Connect. ☺

McGraw-Hill Education has you covered there too! We offer 1-on-1 training and support to our customers that can be scheduled on a date and time that fits your schedule. Our support agents are experts in Connect and can help you with the 101 basics of getting started or for our experienced users, offer suggestions on how to get more out of your Connect resources and reports.

To request a training session please visit us here.