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College Life Before and After SmartBook

Less studying, more confidence

College is a balancing act between your social and academic life. I learned my freshman year just how difficult this can be. How much time should I study, and how much time is left to relax and hang out with friends?

Thankfully in my sophomore year, a professor assigned SmartBook. At first I didn’t know what to make of it (other than it being cheaper than a regular textbook), but I quickly learned just how much of a time-saver and grade-booster it was.

Let’s do a quick comparison of a usual day in my life before and after SmartBook:

I never realized how much time I could have been saving if I had switched to SmartBook. The integrated practice questions with the text helped me to see how much of the material I was understanding and what parts I needed to study. The Recharge function helped me to remember information I would have forgotten for exams, and key materials highlighted in each chapter ensured I was studying everything I needed to know for each lesson. With SmartBook, my grades improved, I had more time to spend with friends, and the college balancing act got much easier to manage.

Patrick Scubelek is a Junior at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania majoring in Environmental Biology