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Bills, Bills, Broke!

We all know the feeling, the anticipation. That feeling after waiting all week (or two!) for your paycheck, and DING! It finally hits your account! It’s better than that hit of caffeine post-Americano.

But wait. Where did it go?

Bills. Bills. Bills. Bills.

So, what do we do? Are we doomed to a life of ramen and regret?

Here are some quick tips to try before stocking up on a 100 pack of noodles!

1. Quality or Quantity?

I used to buy my groceries at the closest grocery store, but somehow I never had enough food to stretch the whole week. So, I went on an excursion to Dollar Tree! It has been the biggest help to my weekly budget. Not only can you find food, but you can also grab cleaning supplies, home decor, and kitchen utensils that look exactly like the $20 ones from Bed Bath and Beyond. Great steals include: candles, greeting cards, storage containers, dinnerware, frozen fruit and vegetables (at select stores), helium balloons and party goods, q-tips and tissues.

2. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub!

Do you love to buy pasta sauces in a jar? I know I do… They’re easy to use, they last for a while in the pantry, and often look fancier than they are. But wait! Once you’re done cooking, what do you do with the jar? Instead of throwing it away, put it to good use! Rinse it out (or let it soak overnight), and then use it for storage. They are a perfect (free!) substitute for mason jars or Tupperware — they can easily store your left over pasta, your salad for tomorrow's lunch, or even live in the bathroom to hold all those pesky hair ties!

3. DIY

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but if you haven’t heard it from anyone today — you are awesome! You can do anything you set your mind to! And that includes DIY projects (Do It Yourself). I know, we’ve all had that project that’s turned out nothing like the picture said it would… RIP DIY Hammock Chair. But most projects can turn out great, and end up being a lot cheaper to make yourself than to buy from a store.

Some of my favorite DIY’s online include Funfetti Candles, Dinosaur Cookie Dishes, and a Blooming Monogram.

4. Dupe for a Dollar

Calling all makeup lovers, this one’s for you! I constantly get disappointed when I see an ad for a beautiful new eyeshadow palette, only to find out that it’s $40+. So, I look for brand dupes. Seriously — this is a huge money saver.

Here is one article that can show you the way.

5. Recipe Recycle

Eating out is awesome! But it’s one of the biggest drains on my paycheck. So, to fulfill my cravings, I’ve started Googling the recipes and making them at home! There is a definite satisfaction that comes from knowing you made it for yourself, and at a cheaper price.

Got any other money-saving tips for students on a budget? Let me know! And remember — you can do anything you set your mind to.