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10 Things to Look Forward to During Summer Break

Finals are almost done, the campus is starting to clear out, and the mountain of grading work is almost back to normal. Whether you’re teaching summer classes or just relaxing this semester, here are 10 fun things to look forward to.

  1. Travel

New places and new experiences are always a fun way to make your summer exciting. Take this time this summer to make some travel plans – no matter if your plans include visiting a foreign country, a neighboring state, or just a new place nearby, you’ll have fun checking out somewhere new.

  1. Make time for new or old hobbies

It’s never too late to start a new hobby or revisit an old favorite. If you’ve been too busy to take up a hobby during the school year, now is the time. Explore new skills or get back to the activities you love.

  1. Enjoy the outdoors

It’s FINALLY warm (well at least for most of us)! What better way to enjoy the summer than to be outside. Go on hikes, take walks, go for a bike ride, and or just enjoy your local park. Any way you can get out and get some much-needed Vitamin D – and don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. Read for the fun of it

Forget textbooks (yeah, we said it)! Go ahead and indulge in that thriller novel you’ve been wanting to read since last year.

  1. Backyard BBQs

Is anything more quintessentially summer than a classic backyard BBQ? So this summer make sure to fire up the grill, get the backyard furniture setup, and catch up with old friends and family. And hey, don’t love hosting? Snag yourself an invite to someone else’s BBQ bash and enjoy the fun without the hassle of cleaning up!

  1. Catch up on TV shows and movies

The outdoors is great, but everyone needs a break on those hot and humid days to enjoy the gloriousness that is the air conditioner. Enjoy a few lazy evenings and binge-watch all the innovative new shows and movies that have come out in the past year. Maybe even draft some ideas on how to incorporate movies into next semester’s curriculum.

  1. Check out your local beach/pool/lake

No matter where you’re located in the country, there’s always an opportunity to kick back and relax by a nice, cool body of water. So plan a day (or more) and head out to enjoy a refreshing dip at your local beach/pool/lake.

  1. Enjoy culture & the arts

Going to local music festivals, museums, and other art happenings are a great way to stay inspired. Pump up your creative juices by soaking in some culture. Bring a friend!

  1. Gardening

Picking up tools and freshening up your backyard or community garden will make your summer days extra bright and pleasant. Smell the roses and rejoice!

  1. Embrace the lazy

Let’s be real here, you work really, really hard. Teaching classes, grading papers, sitting in departmental meetings, attending conferences, and the list goes on and on. Summer is a perfectly good time to indulge in a little laziness and recuperate after a hard semester. Nap in the hammock, lounge in the sun, sit on your porch and people watch, etc. Whatever works to help you feel rested and relaxed.