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4 Amazing Campus Resources to Use at Your School Career Center

One of the biggest fears of all college students would be: “Will I get a job after I graduate college?” It’s a valid concern. One that can be lowered by taking advantage of one of the best resources on campus: the career center. Virtually every college and university campus has a career center. It has a plethora of resources for helping students as they develop their professional careers. Below are four amazing resources that you can find at any career center:

  1. Resume Reviews

This is the number one reason for going to the center. Most recruiting happens online now, typically by submitting resumes via the company’s website, a job posting on Indeed or LinkedIn, or via email to a recruiter. Since the first impression for most is a virtual one, your resume has to do a great job of representing you. Many career centers have professionals and students that were trained in reviewing resumes. They can spot a spelling mistake or help you reformat your resume to look more appealing. Having an extra set of eyes looking over your resume is vital to making sure you are putting your best foot forward.

  1. Mock Interviews

Once you get the interview, because of your superb resume, you may want to practice your interview skills. Interviewing well is a skill all students need to learn and there’s really only one way to do it: practice. Every interview is different, some interviews have technical questions, some may have behavioral questions, and some will want you to answer project-based questions. Regardless of the focus of the interview, everyone needs to learn the ways to effectively sell yourself during an interview to get the job.

Many career centers hold mock interviews where you will “interview” with someone from the center. This typically involves someone mimicking a real interview and the interviewer will give you feedback afterward. You can learn that you tend to use filter words or don’t know how to give a firm handshake, etc. They will critique you on everything you do, that way you will be aware of how you come across to an actual hiring manager. It’s a great place to go if you have never interviewed before.

  1. Career Fairs

Career fair time is always a great time for students. These events are typically held by the college’s career center, usually on campus or nearby. These fairs are times where recruiters come to campus to recruit potential students for their companies. Attending these fairs can not only increase your professional network but allows you to get valuable face time with recruiters. Recruiters get hundreds of resumes for every job posting. One way you can stand out from all the other applicants is to meet and get to know the recruiter face-to-face. They will be more likely to take a second look at your resume if they have a great time talking with you in person.

  1. Career Building Workshops/Events

This is one of the most underrated resources that your school’s career center can offer you. Career building workshops are usually small events that are aimed at teaching you a specific career-oriented lesson. Centers may offer small networking events where you can improve your network with professions. Or they may offer classes for fine dining etiquette class, so you will know which forks to use on the dinner table. These events are amazing for people who want to learn various professional skills to advance your career.

Your career center has so many amazing resources that can help you build your career before you even graduate. Stop by your university’s career center at least once during your college years, you won’t regret it!