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Don't Drop That GPA

Does your GPA in college count as much as it did in high school?  After all, the point of all the hard work in high school was to get a high GPA to get into college. Now that you’re here does it really matter?

Believe it or not, a GPA is not just a number, it is a powerful factor that can impact you and your future beyond college.

  1. GPAs Are A Strong Indicator of Work Ethic

When applying for internships and jobs, many employers and recruiters like to see an applicant’s GPA. Some workplaces even have a minimum GPA requirement that must be met in order to apply for an internship or full-time position. From an employer’s perspective, a recently graduated student’s GPA is a good indicator of a potential employee’s work ethic and performance. This can be a contributing factor to how hiring managers perceive your ability to succeed at their company when right out of college. Since a student’s GPA can be seen as an indicator of success in the eyes of an employer, it is a good idea and a motivator to keep up that GPA.

  1. Post-Graduate Plans

Are you thinking about applying to graduate school? The processes involved in applying to graduate school are very similar to applying to college. An applicant’s extracurricular work strength of classes and GPA all together play a role in the admission decision. With graduate school being very competitive to get into, it’s necessary to maintain a strong GPA both to establish that you can handle the workload and as an indicator of your mastery of the material you want to study further.

  1. Scholarships

Many states and universities have GPA requirements that you must maintain in order to keep (very helpful) scholarships. If your GPA drops you might be ineligible to keep your scholarship. There are also many other types of scholarship opportunities you can apply to while in college, but most of them also have GPAs requirements. If you’re looking to apply for additional financial support, it’s critical that you maintain a respectable GPA.

GPAs really do matter. In the end, the positive impact a high GPA can do wonders for your immediate and long-term future.  So, keep up the good work and don’t drop that GPA!