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" What should students be able to do once they have mastered all the learning objectives tied into the core concepts of the economics?" Instructors responded: Getting students to read course materials Engaging students Supporting students who lack basic college success skills Making course content relevant for students 1 2 3 4 79% 69% believe students should have "an understanding of economy and economic events" upon course completion. believe students should "be a good economic citizen, decision maker, or informed voter" upon course completion. Instructors also ranked their TOP COURSE CHALLENGES in teaching Principles in Economics: WHY CONNECT MASTER? Connect Master Principles of Economics was created because: • Students weren't reading materials or coming to class prepared. • Class time was spent reviewing the basics. • Students were not engaged. The way you teach, the way students learn—there's a paradigm shift in the principles course that has only been heightened with more hybrid and online courses. (n=729)

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