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Learn more or contact your local McGraw-Hill Representative ® 3 For leading-edge professors and ambitious students . . . The first comprehensive book on Marketing Analytics The past decade has likely been the most complex, evolving and meaningful period in the emerging field of data analytics, particularly for marketing. The driving force behind the widespread adoption of marketing analytics is without a doubt a result of the benefits of these techniques for organizational decision-making. Our book, Essentials of Marketing Analytics, is the first comprehensive textbook available to introduce marketing students to a new and essential competency in a rapidly growing field that, with many emerging jobs for college graduates, is a required skill to enter the workforce. Throughout our book, the interviews by marketing analytics experts, leading-edge analytics methodologies, case studies, and numerous current examples introduce readers to marketing analytics techniques and enable them to learn how to apply, interpret and communicate analytics results to maximize strategic value. Engaging Students To facilitate student engagement with the content, each chapter includes the following: • A practical introduction to relevant analytical methods. • An in-depth coverage of how the primary analytical models are used by marketers. • A dive into the analytical techniques sufficient to gain the necessary understanding for application, interpretation, and ultimately marketing decision making. • A step-by-step, hands-on case studies with screen shots using a variety of analytics tools. • A 7-step marketing analytics process that students can apply to solve a marketing problem. • Diverse interviews with analytics practitioners from a wide variety of industries reinforce the practical aspects of marketing analytics. • Discussion, review and critical thinking questions are included to support learning objectives. • Connect exercises clarify essential elements of the analytical techniques. • Videos and applied analytics exercises enhance the relevance and importance of the concepts. A Letter from the Authors

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