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case 5.2 DePuy Synthes I'm Isabella and I sell orthopedic products, like hip, shoulder, elbow, and knee replacements, for DePuy Syn- thes. One aspect of my selling job requires me to service what I sell, and in the case of replacement joints, that means going into the operating room with the surgeon and taking on the role of a technical expert when it comes to the capabilities, function, and surgical technique used with my company's hardware. I took a survey and found out that I am definitely an expressive. People see me as warm and approachable, yet also not afraid to express my points of view with strong conviction. I tend to act rather quickly when making decisions, after I've had a chance to survey the opinions of others who are important to me. There are three surgeons I'm going to be calling on tomorrow, to introduce a newly developed solution in car- tilage repair. Let me tell you a bit about each surgeon. Dr. Ruiz is a meticulous, detail-oriented knee and hip replacement surgeon. His office is so neat that it looks like he rarely even uses it. He keeps the top of his desk completely free of anything except for a small business card holder at one corner. He is a world-class surgeon with many awards displayed on the walls. I've heard that he wants to get right down to business and demands to know the bottom line immediately. He has little tolerance for someone who is not the best at what they do. If he thinks you are wasting his time, he will politely tell you so, before wishing you a nice day and sending you out the door. His favorite hobby is collecting fine wines. Dr. Dominguez, an accomplished knee surgeon, has been known to be a few minutes late to surgeries due to getting caught up in some conversation with a colleague or patient. His friends tend to think of him as a great big "teddy bear" whom everyone wants to be around. His personality is in some way magnetic, and he has many friends. He is an ultra-competitive tennis player and rarely loses, but when he does, he immediately demands a rematch for the next day if possible. He serves on five different medical boards and councils and is known as an influential leader in each. People have said that he is a visionary, both in the orthopedic surgery realm as well as his own personal life. He has toyed with running for political office and most friends think he would make a great debater if he did decide to run! His favorite hobby, other than playing tennis, is traveling to the Far East. Dr. Velez specializes in elbow replacements. While certainly friendly, she could hardly be called effusive with her affection or conversation She seems to be totally task-oriented and wants to be the best elbow replace- ment surgeon in the Northwest. She doesn't seem to understand the power struggles among the various sur- geons and administrators at the hospital, and would rather spend her time reading the latest medical journals and conversing with surgeons around the globe on the latest surgical techniques. She sometimes is slow to adopt new techniques, however, wanting to be absolutely certain that any procedure is better than all other possible procedures before changing. Her favorite hobby is fly-fishing. Questions ROLE-PLAY CASE This role play requires some before-class preparation. Write a brief outline of how you would describe Gartner to some- one who has never heard of it. Identify three features of Gartner's services that you think would benefit your buyer, based on the information you've learned so far this semester. Then write down what you would want to say about each feature. You will take turns presenting your sales presentations to your buyer. After you give your presentation, deter- mine what the other person's social style was. Identify the hints the buyer gave you. 1. What is the social style of each surgeon? Discuss facts that helped you determine that assessment. 2. How should Isabella adapt to each surgeon? CHAPTER 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building 145

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