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ETHICS PROBLEMS QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS 1. Your boss tells you about one of your buyers, Ben: "Just start talking about Beyoncé! If you do, Ben will like you and probably buy just about anything. Even more than he needs because he hates to say no to someone who likes Beyoncé as much as he does!" What will you do in that situation? 2. You have a buyer, an expressive, who is a real challenge. It seems as though she is always playing games with salespeople. For example, today she said that she was going to take a vote of all employees that report to her to see what they wanted her to buy. You know for a fact that many of her employees have no idea about how to evaluate the service you are selling, and don't even deal with that part of the business ever. What will you do in this situation? 1. A salesperson stated, "I just can't stand to deal with buyers who want to get right down to business without first talking about sports, life, and family. They just seem so aggressive to me!" Based on this limited amount of information, what social style would you guess the salesperson to be? What would be your response to this salesperson? 2. While most salespeople have adopted technology tools to aid them in selling, some have refused. What would be your response to a salesperson who says the following: "I believe in privacy. I don't want to have a lot of information about my customers, and even about my own working life, placed on computers that a hacker can steal and share with others." 3. A salesperson made the following comment: "It's such a waste of time to read all of my company's e-mails and announcements about success stories for our products. I had rather spend my time making sales calls!" Based on what you learned in this chapter about knowledge systems, what would be your response to this salesperson? 4. "It's just common sense to adapt to whoever you are talking to. There is no need to train on something like that." Do you agree? Why or why not? 5. In general, would a salesperson with an analytical social style be better at selling than a person with an amiable style? Why? 6. Some people object to the social style matrix training system because they don't want to "act." They just want to be themselves, and not "put on a show." What would you say to them? 7. What social styles would you assign to the following people? Why? a. Michael Jordan b. Your least favorite instructor in high school. c. One of your relatives d. Donald Trump 8. The salesperson in Building Partnerships 5.1 has the opinion that universities should teach sales students to become buying facilitators instead of just teaching them to be traditional salespeople, because buyers are as involved in the act of creating the transaction as the sellers are involved. List three topics that might be covered in a sales course, assuming that a university adopted that approach. CHAPTER 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building 143

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