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Assertiveness The degree to which people have opinions about issues and publicly make their positions clear to others is called assertiveness. Simply having strong convictions does not make a person assertive; assertive people express their convic- tions publicly and attempt to influence others to accept these beliefs. Assertive people speak out, make strong statements, and have a take-charge attitude. When under tension, they tend to confront the situation. Unassertive people rarely dominate a social situation, and they often keep their opinions to themselves. Exhibit 5.3 shows some verbal and nonverbal behavioral indicators of assertiveness. Responsiveness The second dimension, responsiveness, is based on how emotional people tend to get in social situations. Responsive people readily express joy, anger, and sorrow. They appear to be more concerned with others and are informal and casual in social situations. Less responsive people devote more effort toward controlling their emotions. They are described as cautious, intellectual, serious, formal, and businesslike. Exhibit 5.4 lists some indicators of responsiveness. Exhibit 5.3 Indicators of Assertiveness Less Assertive More Assertive "Ask" oriented "Tell" oriented Go-along attitude Take-charge attitude Cooperative Competitive Supportive Directive Risk-avoider Risk-taker Makes decisions slowly Makes decisions quickly Lets others take initiative Takes initiative Leans backward Leans forward Indirect eye contact Direct eye contact Speaks slowly, softly Speaks quickly, intensely Moves deliberately Moves rapidly Makes few statements Makes many statements Expresses moderate opinions Expresses strong opinions Exhibit 5.4 Indicators of Responsiveness Less Responsive More Responsive Controls emotions Shows emotions Cool, aloof Warm, approachable Talk-oriented People-oriented Uses facts Uses opinions Serious Playful 134 CHAPTER 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building

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