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An outlined presentation can be very effective because it is well organized. It is more informal and natural than the standard memorized presentation and provides more opportunity for the customer to participate in the sales interac- tion. It also permits some flexibility in the approach used to present the key points. CUSTOMIZED PRESENTATION The customized presentation is based on a detailed analysis of the customer's needs. This type of presentation offers an opportunity to use the communication principles discussed in Chapter 4 to discover the customer's needs and problems and propose the most effective solution for satisfying those needs. The customer recognizes the sales representative as a professional who is helping provide real value, not just selling products, as Building Partnerships 5.1 describes. The customized presentation, which is more successful for those who can regulate their emotions, lets the salesperson demonstrate empathy. 1 Cultivating this view is an important step in developing a partnering relationship. Exhibit 5.1 Example of an Outlined Presentation Scenario: A Procter & Gamble Salesperson Calling on a Grocery Store Manager Step in Outlined Sales Presentation Say Something Like This Good morning, Ms. Babcock. I was talking with one of your stockers, and he said that our Crest end-of-aisle display was very popular with customers last weekend. He said that he had to restock it three times. Looks like you made a wise decision to go with that program. I know that profits and fast turns are what you are always looking for. We have a new campaign coming up for our Secret line. We will be running a new set of commercials on CBS, NBC, and ABC programs. We are going to give you a $2.20 case allowance for every case of Secret you buy today. I propose that you erect an end-of-aisle display on aisle 7 . . . and that you order 20 cases. Thank you, and I know the results will be just as good as they were for our Crest promotion. 1. Reinforce past success. 2. Reiterate customer's needs. 3. Introduce new Secret antiperspirant campaign. 4. Explain ad campaign and coupon drops. 5. Explain case allowances. 6. Ask for end-of-aisle display and order of cases. 7. Thank manager for order. 126 CHAPTER 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building

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