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as by attending education-specific calls to stay up with the trends. As a seller, you must prove your value to your customers; you do this by gaining and sharing knowledge with them that they might not have. Remem- ber, knowledge is power that can be used very intentionally! Visit our website at: www.microsoft.com Rachael Prozinski, Azure Applications and Infrastructure Solution Specialist, Microsoft. Used with permission. Personal selling is the most effective marketing communication medium because it allows salespeople to tailor their pre- sentations to each customer. They use their knowledge of the customer's buying process (Chapter 3) and finely tuned communication skills (Chapter 4) to learn about their customers and select effective sales strategies. Effective salespeo- ple adapt their selling strategies and approaches to the selling situation. This chapter examines how salespeople can communicate effectively with their customers by practicing adaptive selling. TYPES OF PRESENTATIONS Salespeople can choose from a number of presentation types, which vary in the extent to which salespeople adapt to the circumstance. This text examines the three most common: (1) the standard memorized presentation, (2) the out- lined presentation, and (3) the customized presentation. STANDARD MEMORIZED PRESENTATION The standard memorized presentation, also called a canned presentation, is a completely memorized sales talk. The sales- person presents the same selling talk in the same order to all customers. The standard memorized presentation ensures that the salesperson will provide complete and accurate information about the firm's products and policies, and can help bring new salespeople up to speed quickly and give them confi- dence. However, the effectiveness of the standard memorized presentation is limited because it offers no opportunity for the salesperson to tailor the presentation to the needs of the specific customer, and most companies have moved away from it. OUTLINED PRESENTATION The outlined presentation is a prearranged presentation that usually includes a standard introduction, standard answers to common objections raised by customers, and a standard method for getting the customer to place an order. An example of an outlined presentation appears in Exhibit 5.1. Notice that the wording was just provided as an example for salespeople, but not what they were to follow word for word. CHAPTER 5: Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building 125

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