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"I'm not sure," replied Maggie. "But I do know they are going to put a committee together because she said new systems like this are difficult to justify." "So who's going to be involved? Will they have their maintenance department and their equipment operators involved or will it only be management? And is IT going to be involved?" "Not sure, but I have a meeting with them next week, and I'd like you to go with me," Maggie said. Questions ROLE-PLAY CASE During much of the rest of the semester, you will be calling on one of three accounts. The accounts are listed here with some information. Information that you gain on each call can be used in subsequent calls as you practice the skills and apply the concepts introduced in each chapter. Safety Systems Inc.: Safety Systems Inc. (SSI) sells products and services that help customers create safe working envi- ronments and comply with Federal safety regulations. Services include consulting to design safer work environments as well as training of client personnel in appropriate safety procedures. Products include harnesses for working on scaf- folds and towers, helmets, and other personal protection equipment. FinTech: This company compiles data from a wide range of sources, then applies its own algorithms to the data to create scores used by a wide range of financial services companies. Some scores are used like credit scores, others are used to determine the insurability of individuals, and still others are used to create prospecting lists for financial services salespeople. Granite Capital: Granite Capital is a private equity company that buys the assets of distressed companies from com- munity banks. They then put their own management into place. They then look for opportunities to roll up similar companies into the acquisition, merging several companies together to gain operating efficiencies. Today, you have an appointment with the chief information officer, whom you met at a large conference. Start the sales call from the beginning as if you were entering the person's office. Reintroduce yourself and your company, thank the person for the appointment, and then tell the buyer you'd like to ask some questions. Your questions should be about the buying process and who is involved. Afterward, see if you can chart the buying center and the company's organiza- tional structure. ADDITIONAL REFERENCES 1. 1. What is the likely makeup of the buying center? Who plays or has played which roles? What would be the likely focus of each role in the buying center? 2. 2. What type of purchase situation is this? What are the implications for Maggie? 3. 3. How can Maggie use the multiattribute matrix to guide a sales plan? Bozoklu, Cagla P. "The Effects of Social Responsibility Activities on Stakeholders' Purchase Intention." Business and Economics Research Journal 9, no. 4 (2018): 889–904. Eoghan McConalogue, Paul Davis, and Regina Connolly. "Health Technology Assessment: The Role of Total Cost of Ownership." Business Systems Research 10, no. 1 (2019): 180–87. 90 CHAPTER 3: Buying Behavior and the Buying Process

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