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Walkthrough The chapter-opening profiles in this edition are the product of strong selling partnerships. Faculty from around the coun- try introduced Steve Castleberry and Jeff Tanner to their former students who had gone on to careers in sales. The results are exciting new profiles from sales professionals who were students with an earlier edition and understand the philosophy of this book. The profiles are also integrated into the chapter with additional examples involving the profiled salesperson and end-of-chapter questions. Students can easily relate to these young professionals who have benefited from wonderful faculty and Selling: Building Partnerships. Selling: Building Partnerships remains the most innovative textbook in the selling course area today with its unique role plays and partnering skills which are critical skills for all businesspeople. The authors emphasize throughout the text the need for salespeople to be flexible–to adapt their strategies to customer needs, buyer social styles, and relationship needs and strategies. This is followed by a complete discussion of how effective selling and career growth are achieved through planning and continual learning. The 11th edition has been updated to continue its relevance in the selling market today just as it was more than 25 years ago. P R O F I L E "You can help your customers and make a lot of money, while proudly supporting and representing your company" Megan Colapinto Being a professional salesperson is about helping people through the decision-making process and uncovering and solv- ing their needs (hopefully with your solution). Engaging in sell- ing in this ethical, dependable, and noble way will allow you to find more purpose in your work and you'll find yourself making more sales! My name is Megan Colapinto and I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Professional Sales in 2019. In my time at the KSU Center for Professional Selling, I was president and co-founder of the Sales Club as well as the team captain of the Sales Team. I had the opportunity to learn Advanced Selling from Dr. Terry Loe, founder of the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC), Professional Sales from Dr. Scott Inks, and Sales Management from Brent McCulloch. Upon graduation, I accepted a sales engineering role at Ciena Corporation, a networking systems, hardware, software, and services company. We help our clients build more adaptive networks to provide fast and efficient connectivity while minimizing costs. In this chapter, you'll be introduced to selling and what the profession entails in its various forms. If today you don't see yourself being a salesperson, perhaps your perception is being skewed by stereotypes and maybe you will find a passion for the profession. One of the beautiful concepts I have learned through my sales acad- eme and being a salesperson for a couple of years is that your mission is a win-win-win. You can help your customers and make a lot of money, while proudly supporting and representing your company. This book will help uncover what this means, how you can do this effectively, what challenges are involved, and how you can adapt to be successful, and how this applies to you right now and every aspect of your life, whether you end up as a sales professional or not! Visit our website at: www.ciena.com Megan Colapinto, Sales Engineer, Ciena. Used with permission. Courtesy of Megan Colapinto

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