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Acknowledgments Staying current with the rapidly changing field of professional selling is a challenge. Our work has been blessed with the excellent support of reviewers, users, editors, salespeople, and students. Reviewers include the following: Readers will become familiar with many of the salespeople who contributed to the development of the tenth edition through various selling scenarios or profiles. But other salespeople, sales executives, buyers, and sales professors contributed in less obvious, but no less important, ways. For reviewing chapters, updating cases, providing material for selling scenarios, and other support, we'd like to thank the following: Ken Ampy, Astyra Caleb Anderson, University of Minnesota Duluth Austin Avery, Colorado Rapids Andrew Boyd, 3M Ken Boxer, Boxer Advisors Katie Brinson, Atlantic Coast Mortgage Kyllie Bullion, Old Dominion University Megan Colapinto, Ciena Taylor Dixon, 3M Brenda Finlayson, esi Jamie Forrest, Inverness Technologies Kevin Furey, Merrill Lynch Mike Godsoe, Motio, Inc. Mary Gros, Teradata Ali Ijaz, Amazon Rikki Ingram, Smithfield Foods Matthew Juntunen, Volta Logistics Michelle Kaserman, Tom James Brady Lindemann, Northwestern Mutual Nick Lutterman, Fastenal Andrew Maki, Deem, Inc. Kate Meechan, Statum Link Dean Packingham, Mike & Jen's Allison Pagel, Tom James Eddy Patterson, Stubb's Bar-B-Q Socko Pearson, Mode5 Jason Popovich, INSPEC Rachael Prozinski, Micr Randy Roland, JM Smucker David Ruggiero, Microsoft Tom Sega, Duluth Pack Frank Stearns, Stedlin Manufacturing Kevin Tennenbaum, Impact Networking Trevor Tovsen, Dankworks, LLC Rob Truss, Johnson Controls Karly Weber, 3M In addition to the support of these individuals, many companies also provided us with material. We'd like to express our sin- cere gratitude for their support. The McGraw-Hill team, as is the usual, was wonderful to work with. Our greatest interaction during manuscript preparation was with Jennifer Blankenship, development editor, and we appreciate her quick response and dogged determination to make sure we turn out a great product. Over the years, we've had the pleasure to work with many DEs and Jennifer is certainly one of the best. Melissa Leick, our content project manager, is another important contributor to the physical product and the team who makes sure that what you are holding in your hands meets the standards set so high in our previous editions. Laura Hurst Spell, our associate portfolio manager, and Nicole Young, our marketing manager, also make sure the product is excellent and then help us communicate that to the market. We really appreciate their efforts on our behalf. Several people assisted in research and manuscript preparation, and we gratefully appreciate their help: Bryant Duong and Joseph Corrigan (USN Ret.). Many students and teachers have made comments that have helped us strengthen the overall package. They deserve our thanks, as do others who prefer to remain anonymous. —Steve Castleberry —Jeff Tanner David Allbright, Eastern Michigan University Mike Breazeale, Mississippi State University Kevin Chase, Clemson University Reba Heberlein, Madison Area Technical College Douglas E. Hughes, Michigan State University Deborah Kane, Butler County Community College Kathy Standen, Fullerton College

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