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56 CHAPER W O Making the Most of Your Time 1. What might you tell Will that could help solve his predicament? 2. Is there anything Will could have done to prevent the situation he now faces from occurring in the first place? 3. What specific time management techniques might Will have employed in the past to avoid these problems? 4. What strategies might Will use now to take control over his limited time during the coming week? 5. What advice could you give Will to try to prevent problems in time management for his next term? Will Linz couldn't believe it. On the same day he had completed his term paper and handed it in, his instructor announced a test for the following week. When the class protested that the test hadn't been listed in the syllabus, the instructor murmured that she'd made a mistake and was sorry about the short notice. Will panicked when he remembered that next week he also had to complete two lab reports he had put off because he had been working on his term paper. Even worse, next weekend was lost. He had promised—promised!—his girlfriend, who wasn't in college and worked full-time, that he would go with her to her annual company picnic. Although he dreaded the thought of being with a bunch of people he barely knew, he'd finally agreed to go just last week. As he was driving home thinking about all this, his car started to sputter and then stalled. He was unable to get it started. That was it. He sat there on the side of the road, feeling like his life had completely fallen apart and wondering how he'd ever get it back together again. The Case of . . . The Time of His Life

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