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Chapter by Chapter Changes Chapter 1 Exploring the Business Environment and Economics Integration: Chapter 1 Taking Risks and Making Profits within the Dynamic Business Environment was integrated with Chapter 2 Understanding Economics and How It Affects Business. Additions: Getting to Know Ann-Marie Campbell of Home Depot » Name That Company » Making Ethical Decision box: Bad Medicine for Consumers? » Adapting to Change box: Services Expand the Circular Economy » Reaching Beyond Our Borders box: Inflation at the Speed of Sound » Career Exploration Revisions: Statistical data and examples throughout the chapter were updated to reflect current information. In addition: » Section "The Business Environment" was condensed to simply describe each element of the business environment. The discussions of trends in each subsection were deleted since they are covered in later chapters. » The economics section was reorganized to present command economies first and then the longer discussion about free-market economies. » Figure 1.4 (Figure 1.10 in 2e) was redesigned. » Figure 2.4 (Figure 1.4 in 2e) was redesigned » Subsection "Fiscal Policy in Action during an Economic Crisis" – The key term Keynesian » economic theory was moved to the subsection "Stabilizing the Economy through Fiscal Policy"). » EOC exercises were renamed Developing Career Skills and Putting Principles to Work Deletions: » Subsections "Productivity in the United States" and "Productivity in the Service Sector" - Both are discussed in later chapters. » Quality of life » Subsection "The Secret to Creating a Wealthy Economy" » Gross output » Section "Entrepreneurship Versus Working for Others" – This is covered in detail in Chapter 5 Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business. » Boxes (from both Ch1&2): Spotlight on Small Business, Making Ethical Decisions, Reaching Beyond Our Borders, and Adapting to Change Detailed List of Changes

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