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Learn more or contact your local McGraw-Hill Representative As strategy instructors we have a challenging yet rewarding job. Students have to master fundamental strategy concepts and be able to synthesize all they've learned across their business curriculum in order to apply their knowledge to complicated real world challenges. This requires extensive higher-order, critical-thinking skills to be successful. We've worked hard to offer you and your students the most readable, relevant and rigorous product on the market, while also helping students develop these critical workplace competency skills. How do we reinforce the 3 R's? • We focus on readability by using an engaging writing style with minimal jargon to ensure an effective learning experience. • We incorporate relevance with numerous examples from management practice, employing current business and societal themes such as environmental sustainability, ethics, globalization, entrepreneurship, and the digital economy. • We stress rigor by drawing on the latest research by management scholars and insights from consultants to offer a current comprehensive view of strategic management issues. Each revision we invest an extensive amount of time carefully reviewing a wide variety of books, academic and practitioner journals, and the business press to incorporate the newest material and examples that reflect what students need to know and the challenges today's managers face. Thank you for your feedback, support, and consideration. Don't hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions! A Note from the Authors Greg Dess gdess@utdallas.edu Gerry McNamara mcnamara@broad.msu.edu Alan Eisner aeisner@pace.edu Seung-Hyun Lee lee.1085@utdallas.edu

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