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Learn more or contact your local McGraw-Hill Representative In today's organizations, the management of people is increasingly governed by analytics and evidence-based management. Given those trends, the teaching of Organizational Behavior needs to be contemporary, timely, and science-based. Our book is uniquely suited to this age because of its practical focus and its grounding in the most rigorous research in OB. Organizational Behavior 7th edition continues to offer a novel and innovative approach to teaching OB, with an informal, conversational writing style that connects with students. Our approach focuses on answering three common question we got from students before we wrote this book: • Does OB really matter? Our book includes two chapters not included in competing books: job performance and organizational commitment. These topics are critical to managers and students alike, and represent two of the most critical outcomes in OB. Each successive chapter then links that chapter's topic back to those outcomes, illustrating why OB matters. • How do OB topics all fit together? Our product uses an integrative model that provides a roadmap for the course. The model illustrates how individual, team, leader, and organizational factors shape employee attitudes, and how those attitudes impact performance and commitment. In this way, the model reminds students where they are, where they've been, and where they're going. • How do OB topics play out around us? We include innovative boxed features to stimulate student interest. OB on Screen uses scenes from popular films (like Molly's Game, First Man, Battle of the Sexes, A Star is Born, Avengers: Infinity Wars, Mission Impossible - Fallout, and The Post) to showcase OB concepts. OB at the Bookstore draws bridges to business titles (like Digital Minimalism, Resilient, The Four Tendencies, Extreme Teams, Dare to Lead, and The Culture Code) to see how OB concepts get translated by major authors. OB Assessments allows students to see how they stand on OB concepts, giving them insights into their own personalities and attitudes. Finally, OB Internationally illustrates how OB concepts are shaped by national culture. A Note From the Authors The revision includes updated content and references, along with brand new "wraparound cases" on Levi's, Lyft, Activision Blizzard, Goldman Sachs, Salesforce, Marriott, Mattel, HBO and many others. We hope you are excited as we are to have a fresh view in the OB field. Thank you for your feedback, support, and consideration. Don't hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions! Jason A. Colquitt jason.colquitt@gmail.com Jeffrey A. LePine Jeff.LePine@asu.edu Michael J. Wesson wesson@auburn.edu

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