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Oral and written communication 87% 86% Critical thinking / problem solving 75% Teamwork / collaboration 69% Professionalism / work ethic 48% Career management Price and affordability 61% 31% Flexibility of content 31% Readability 3 DIGITALFIRST COURSEWARE Connect Master 2.0 Student Success content is designed for digital use, rather than a static reading experience. This allows for: – More immersive concept exploration, boosting engagement and efficiency for students and addressing the often-raised concern that "students don't read." – Greater ability to reconfigure and customize— content is organized and divided at a more granular level. This, combined with the transparent instructional alignment, makes it easier than ever to delete, add, and move content while still preserving the cohesion of the learning experience. – Regular and seamless updates to the adaptive content give students access to new and current information throughout the semester, without requiring instructors to create new assignments or courses. Top 3 COURSE ATTRIBUTES when selecting course material: COLLEGE SUCCESS SKILLS GAPS: Instructors expect their students to develop these top five competencies after completing Student Success courses to assist in workforce readiness: "I love the options available for customizing the topics, the flexibility, and the interactive content. My students improved their study skills by 15% in just six weeks during the summer!" MAUREEN SMITH, MOTT COMMUNITY COLLEGE

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