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50 KAPITEL 2 Wie ich wohne www.mhhe.com/connect In diesem Kapitel ● Themen: Talking about types of housing, furnishings, favorite activities ● Grammatik: The verb haben; the nominative and accusative case of indefinite and definite articles; dieser and welcher; negation with nicht and kein; verbs with stem-vowel changes; the plural of nouns ● Kultur: „Wo leben die Deutschen?", „Wie man wohnt" ● Videoclips: „Wohnen" ● Lesen: „So wohne ich" After completing this chapter you will be able to: ● identify and describe various types of housing ● name various household furnishings ● name and describe your favorite activities ● state items you need and don't need for your house, room, or apartment ● talk about how and where Germans prefer to live Familie und Freunde zu Hause Kapitel 2. Suggestion: Introduce the theme of this chapter by focusing on the students' living situation. State in simple German where you live, and briefly describe your home. Ask students where they live. Be tolerant if their answers are only partially in German and grammatically incorrect, and be prepared to help them with their answers. ©Geber86/Getty Images

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