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nic29434_fm_i-xxix.indd v 11/15/17 02:14 PM THE GOLD STANDARD IN PREPARING FUTURE-READY LEARNERS Congratulations. You've made an excellent selection. Welcome to the preeminent teaching and learning experience ever created for Introduction to Business classes. Our experienced and diverse authors and long-tenured editorial team have created a product that meets the needs of nearly all classrooms, no matter the size, teaching modality, or learning objectives. The content is unmatched in depth, breadth, currency, and relevancy, and is presented in an extremely readable format for students with all learning styles. A wealth of technology solutions engages students, enriches learning, furthers understanding, and simplifies instructors' assessment processes. Course supplements tightly align with chapter concepts and enhance retention, making instructors of all experience levels Grade-A rock stars. And unparalleled support from our digital faculty consultants helps ensure you and your students benefit from the full experience of what is now the gold standard in Introduction to Business classes. Nickels/McHugh/ McHugh, Understanding Business, 12th Edition does more than teach—it creates students prepared to impact the world. 1. THE GOLD STANDARD IN RELEVANCY AND CURRENCY Real-world case studies—across nearly all industries and company sizes—ensure your students are apprised of the most current challenges businesspeople face today. From Brexit and ransomware to 3D printing and robo-advisors, you have access to numerous relevant samples that tie directly into chapter lessons. Plus with the option to take advantage of From the News to the Classroom, you can enrich the learning experience with content that is updated multiple times each week and includes abstracts of relevant news stories, video tied to chapter topics, and critical thinking questions that streamline your prep time and help create an ultra-current course. 2. THE GOLD STANDARD IN RESULTS-DRIVEN TECHNOLOGY Interactive learning tools increase teaching effectiveness and learning efficiency by facilitating a stronger connection between the course material and the modern student. Where the Science of Learning Meets the Art of Teaching McGraw-Hill Connect is the leading online assignment and assessment solution that connects students with the tools and resources they need to achieve success. It also allows instructors to quickly and easily choose the content and assignments that will best emphasize the learning objectives they prefer to cover. The result is a customized course, rich with engaging presentations and activities that prepare students for the business world. The First and Only Adaptive Reading Experience SmartBook creates a dynamic reading experience and personalizes content for each student, helping students master and retain foundational concepts. Track- ing each student's progress, it automatically assesses comprehension levels and

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