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168 ©georgerudy/123RF 5 C H A P T E R CHAPTER OUTLINE module 15 Classical Conditioning The Basics of Classical Conditioning Applying Conditioning Principles to Human Behavior Try It! What's Your Test-Taking Style? Extinction Generalization and Discrimination module 16 Operant Conditioning The Basics of Operant Conditioning Positive Reinforcers, Negative Reinforcers, and Punishment The Pros and Cons of Punishment: Why Reinforcement Beats Punishment Schedules of Reinforcement: Timing Life's Rewards Shaping: Reinforcing What Doesn't Come Naturally Becoming an Informed Consumer of Psychology: Using Behavior Analysis and Behavior Modification module 17 Cognitive Approaches to Learning Latent Learning Observational Learning: Learning Through Imitation Violence in Television and Video Games: Does the Media's Message Matter? Exploring Diversity: Does Culture Influence How We Learn? Try It! What's Your Receptive Learning Style? Psychology Online The Case of . . . The Manager Who Doubled Productivity Speaking of Success: Luciano Virgilio Visual Summary: Learning LEARNING

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