Worried Flipping Your Class Will Upset Your Teaching Strategy for the Semester? You Can Flip Part Time.

Published October 27, 2015

By Lina Kirby

Flipping your classroom doesn’t have to be an arduous effort. You can flip your class today, starting right now and it doesn’t have to be a full time commitment. A 2014 survey by SOPHIA found that close to half of teachers who flip their classrooms employ this method one or two times a week, proving it doesn’t need to be an everyday activity.

Professor Winters of Bethel University says flipping the classroom allows her to adapt her lecture style to include more group learning activities without having to flip every class. “I am able to incorporate one lecture a week out of three that focuses exclusively on group problem solving and discussion-based learning. I plan to increase this further next year to approximately 50% group learning.”

In this short podcast, listen to more easy ways to incorporate flipping into your class as Ohio University instructors demonstrate the simple steps you can take today to begin integrating a flipped approach into your traditional teaching methods. You’ll discover:

  • when and where flipping makes sense.
  • how to use the tools you have at hand.
  • how to start small, making flipping totally accessible.

Listen to the podcast now.

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