What Does a Flipped Classroom Actually Look Like?

Published October 7, 2015

By Lina Kirby

You already know that flipping your classroom is an important step toward improving student engagement, but now that you’ve committed to flipping, how do you do it? What does a flipped classroom actually look like. How will your students learn? How do you encourage them to discuss concepts?

Flipping the learning environment helps your classroom experience be more effective. Before Professor Dewally flipped his Intro to Finance class at Towson University, “students were largely unfamiliar with the material that we needed them be exposed to before the actual class and lecture coverage.” This flip helped “give context to the in-class discussion and improve students’ engagement with the material.”

In this 5-minute podcast presented by Ohio University instructors Jeffrey Anderson and Larry Hess, you’ll hear about:

  • The characteristics of a flipped classroom
  • Two methods for structuring class discussion
  • How students can transform from passive listeners to active learners within your flipped classroom

Listen to the podcast now.