Think Flipping the Classroom Isn’t for You? Check Out the Hard Data Before Making Any Decisions

Published October 14, 2015

By Lina Kirby

Worried you shouldn’t try flipping your classroom because you’re not the “right type of educator”? Guess what? There’s no such thing! Flipping the classroom is for new teachers and seasoned vets alike. In fact, a 2014 survey by SOPHIA revealed that almost half the educators surveyed had been teaching for over 16 years.

Still not convinced? Flipping your classroom doesn't have to be daunting; in that same survey, 74% of teachers who've done it say their flipped learning efforts are supported by their school administration. Which means you don’t have to go it alone.

In this short podcast, Ohio University instructors demonstrate exactly what steps you can take to begin your flip. They review how to:

  • create video lectures.
  • posting video lectures for students.
  • transform how class time is used.

Listen to the podcast now.