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DFC Spotlight: Kyle Goodin, MAcc, CFE, from Missouri State

Congratulations to McGraw Hill’s Digital Faculty Consultant, Kyle Goodin, MAcc, CFE, from Missouri State for winning not one, but two distinct honors in 2023-2024!

Kyle accepted the following awards this month and said, “I was thrilled and humbled to receive these awards, and both were unexpected. The Outstanding Faculty award is particularly meaningful because the award recipient is selected by students and not administration and was presented to me by my Graduate Assistant and Beta Alpha Psi President, Preston Curless. Preston has been with me since his first semester at MSU in Intro to Financial Accounting and he and I have developed a strong bond and working relationship, so I was very moved when he showed up to present it.”

College of Business Outstanding Faculty Award

Nominations are made through essays submitted by any COB student, and the COB Student Leadership Council selects the recipient. The criterion for selection is a faculty member who contributes to student success in a profound, meaningful way.

Honor's College Director's Award for Outstanding Faculty Research

The Director’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Research recognizes the exceptional research accomplishments of MSU’s Honors College Faculty. This award recognizes a faculty member’s research excellence and is meant to acknowledge those Honors College professors who serve as the best example of the ideal scholar/teacher who has not only made a significant contribution to their field of research but who have also helped to expand the growth and development of honors education at MSU. Director’s Award recipients have made major contributions to their research fields and have participated in the ongoing success of Missouri State University’s Honors Program.