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The McGraw-Hill Learning Lab is the perfect place to recharge or grab a snack in-between SXSW EDU sessions. Come to the Hilton Austin, Room #406 from 2-3pm daily to hear guest speakers on the Learning Science Stage, and stop by anytime during conference hours to help us give-back to local school projects through

Featured SXSW EDU Sessions

Closing the Digital Gap in Urban Districts

3/6 at 5-6PM CST in Hilton Salon C

Panelists: Dwight Jones with Michael Hinojosa of Dallas ISD and Pedro Martinez of San Antonio ISD

Overview: With internet access and technology becoming increasingly more affordable and widespread across U.S. schools, why are schools in urban districts still lagging behind? Panelists will discuss what needs to be done to help schools across urban districts close the digital divide.

AI: Learning Game-Changer or Something to Fear?

3/7 at 11-11:30AM CST in Hilton Salon G

Panelists: Stephen Laster with Lou Pugliese of ASU and Sydney Johnson of EdSurge

Overview: Artificial intelligence is already re-making portions of the economy and opening doors to new products and efficiencies. We’re likely to see more AI in higher education in the near future as well. Is it something to fear, or a tool to help us learn better? This panel will explore key issues colleges must consider as this technology matures.

Teaching the New Majority-Minority Generation

3/7 at 11-12PM CST in Hilton Room 400-402

Panelists: Heath Morrison with Dr. Jana Echevarria of California St. University and Bill de la Cruz of Denver Public Schools

Overview:As a nation, we are seeing a majority-minority shift across our public schools. With this transformation, educators are addressing both old and new challenges to provide the conditions that lead to equitable learning. Our panel will discuss these challenges and the solutions that can support students and educators to overcome them.

On the Learning Science Stage | Hilton Austin, Room #406

These sessions will also be live-streamed on our Facebook page.

Learning Science in the Wild

Watch Replay of Livestream

Panelists: Christine Gouveia, VP of Applied Learning Sciences at McGraw-Hill with Lalitha Agnihotri, Sr. Data Scientist at McGraw-Hill and Tanya Joosten of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Overview: Three learning scientists share insights from recent research projects – and make suggestions for how educators and administrators can apply what they’ve learned in their schools and colleges.

Three Ways Education Leaders Are Thinking About Equity

Watch Replay of Livestream

Panelists: Heath Morrison, President of McGraw-Hill School Group with Pedro Martinez of San Antonio ISD, Lou Pugliese of Arizona St. University, and Bill de la Cruz of Denver Public Schools

Overview: U.S. schools and colleges are serving more students from low-income households and diverse backgrounds than ever before. Yet achievement gaps remain, and equal access is still an issue in many communities and schools. How are education leaders from K-12 and higher education their unique equity challenges in their institutions?

Learning Science: Becoming a Better Learner

Watch Replay of Livestream

Panelists: Heath Morrison, President of McGraw-Hill School Group with Lalitha Agnihotri, Sr. Data Scientist at McGraw-Hill, Melina Uncapher of UC San Francisco, and Christine Gouveia, VP of Applied Learning Sciences at McGraw-Hill

Overview: How can we as humans learn more effectively and efficiently? Researchers share insights from learning science about how we all can improve our learning – from how to practice better to how we can get grittier. 

Tour the ACCelerator: An Innovative Digital Learning Space

In 2015, Austin Community College unveiled the Highland ACCelerator, a state-of-the-art facility created out of an abandoned mall which now provides over 600 individual workstations for personalized learning with our ALEKS adaptive courseware. Join us for a guided tour of this beautiful and unique learning space from 6-8PM on Wednesday, March 7. Busses to the ACCelerator will depart at 5PM from Trinity Street in front of the Convention Center. Visit our Learning Lab for details.

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