Dr. Mariana Souto-Manning

Professor of Early Childhood Education, Director Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Special Education, Founding Co-Director, CITED, Teachers College, Columbia University

Mariana Souto-Manning, Ph.D., is Professor of Early Childhood Education and Teacher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, USA. Founding Co-Director of the Center for Innovation in Teacher Education and Development (CITED), Souto-Manning holds additional academic appointments at the University of Iceland and King's College London. Professor Souto-Manning's research critically examines inequities and injustices in teaching and teacher education, (re)centering methodologies and pedagogies on the lives, values, and experiences of intersectionally-minoritized people of Color. Souto-Manning regularly collaborates with teachers and engages in community-based research. Problematizing racism, colonization, assimilation, and entangled systems of oppression in schooling and society, she critically examines theoretical and methodological issues and dilemmas of doing research with intersectionally-minoritized communities of Color, considering questions such as "critical for whom?" and "according to whom?" In addition to ten books and numerous book chapters, Souto-Manning has authored or coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed articles in the Journal of Teacher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Teachers College Record, among other journals. She has received a number of research awards, including the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Innovations in Research on Diversity in Teacher Education Award and AERA Teaching and Teacher Education Mid-Career Award.