Research & Results

Success Stories

SRA FLEX Literacy delivers proven efficacy-educators are quickly bringing students 2 years behind up to grade level. In fact, Lexile measures are increasing by 40%+ over the course of 1 year.

Reading and Language Intervention Success with SRA FLEX Literacy™

Find out how SRA FLEX Literacy brings all students to grade level in reading at Urban Community School in Cleveland, Ohio.

SRA FLEX Literacy™: Technology for Reading Intervention

The story of how SRA FLEX Literacy helped the students, teachers, and administrators at Deer Park Middle School achieve literacy success.

Research Findings

SRA FLEX Literacy is proven to raise the reading abilities and test results of at-risk students, based on pre-test and post-test TOWRE-2 (Test of Word Reading Efficiency, Second Edition) scores.

FLEX results chart, Figure 1

FLEX results chart, Figure 2