Professional Development

SRA FLEX Literacy® is supported by a full complement of professional development resources that lead to improved teacher confidence and student achievement.

From successfully setting up your classroom and implementing the program, to gaining insight from industry leaders and collaborating with peers, SRA FLEX Literacy includes the resources to ensure you have the knowledge and support necessary to help your students succeed!

Teachers working together on tablet

FLEXWorks Tutorials

These online tutorials guide teachers through the tools and features within FLEXworks.

eInservice Module Screenshot

eInservice Modules

These learning modules walk teachers through each Experience of the program and describe their instructional components.

Classroom Instruction

These videos contain instructions and tips on using the materials provided for each of the Experiences.

Author Videos

These videos feature SRA FLEX Literacy authors discussing the research–based instructional methods upon which the program is built.

Professional Learning Environment screenshot

Professional Learning Environment

The PLE provides an online environment that offers

  • 24/7 access to program support.
  • An Online Professional Community allowing opportunities for teacher collaboration.
  • Interactive learning modules and instructional resources that promote comprehensive program knowledge, including Quick–Start and Implementation courses.
  • A Professional Resource Library that provides additional instructional support for many topics, including Home–to–School Connection, Accessibility, and Entrance and Exit Criteria.
  • Certificates of Completion available for all online courses provide a pathway to gaining CEU credits.

Personal On-Site Training

McGraw-Hill Education will provide in-person training to ensure an effective implementation according to your school and district needs. Call 1-800-338-3987 to discuss a customized professional development plan for your school or district.


McGraw-Hill Education: Your Partner in Education

Using the highest quality curriculum and teaching materials is an important step in turning your students into accomplished readers and communicators. Having a trusted partner to support your commitment to teaching and to translating the materials into action is critical to successful implementation.

That's why McGraw-Hill Education provides:

  • Professional Development webinars, videos, and more
  • Common Core State Standards Professional Development
  • Consultants with real classroom experience who know what it is like to work in today's schools
  • Hands-on, interactive staff development
  • Online Professional Development to accommodate teacher's needs and schedules