Powerful Learning Experiences Working Together

Powerful Instruction

SRA FLEX Literacy® makes the best use of computer-based and teacher-led instruction to accelerate student progress.

  • Multiple teaching and learning modalities motivate and engage students, to make learning fun
  • Comprehensive instruction supports skill development, fluency, comprehension strategies, and writing-centered projects
  • The research-proven, gradual release model of instruction accelerates student learning throughout the Experiences

Powerful Technology

SRA FLEX Literacy provides web-based technology that enhances instruction for both teacher and student.

  • Every student's needs are met through differentiated and scaffolded instruction not just practice with support and feedback throughout
  • Students develop 21st Century Skills through writing-centered projects with technology, preparing students for college and career readiness
  • Teachers are empowered to monitor progress, tailor instruction and manage their classrooms with the FLEXWorks Online Teacher Tool

FLEXWorks Screenshot

Picture of Engaging Animations


Engaging animations introduce, explain and demonstrate skills.

Leveled Text Passages Example


Leveled text passages and supported activities provide guidance and instructional feedback.

Independent Practice example


Independent practice activities build toward mastery with embedded opportunities for remediation and acceleration.