Three Learning Experiences Working Together

By design, SRA FLEX Literacy™ combines the best of computer based and teacher-led instruction with collaborative learning to provide struggling readers and writers the skills they need for college and career readiness.

FLEX cube The DIGITAL Experience, Individualized Instruction

The DIGITAL Experience

Individualized Instruction

Computer-based instruction focuses on skill development through individualized and motivating technology. Scaffolded instruction, practice, assessment, remediation, and review opportunities are embedded.

FLEX cube The PRINT Experience, Small-Group & Differentiated Instruction

The PRINT Experience

Small-Group & Differentiated Instruction

Teacher-led, shared-reading lessons develop comprehension strategies using systematic, explicit instruction. Opportunities for skill differentiation & independent reading are informed by each student's performance in The Digital Experience.

The PROJECT Experience, Collaborative Learning

The PROJECT Experience

Collaborative Learning

Whole-group learning, small-group collaboration, and independent application activities connect with compelling writing-centered projects built around 21st Century skills. Projects enable students to make cross-curricular and literacy connect.

FLEXWorks brings the experiences together

FLEXWorks is a dynamic, online teacher tool that connects the experiences through assessment and progress monitor data, informing instruction and maximizing learning.

  • Informs teachers and administrators through progress reporting on a student, classroom and school level
  • Automatically populates student performance data
  • Provides teachers with tools for planning and classroom management, along with other resources for implementation
  • Helps teachers target instruction to meet the needs of the everyday students

SRA FLEX Literacy™ Correlations to the Common Core

SRA FLEX Literacy™ is built to the Common Core State Standards for ELA (English and Language Arts). The distinct instructional approach of each Learning Experience enables instruction to target specifics CCSS domains.

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