Data-Driven Connections to Inform and Drive Instruction

Data-Driven Differentiation

True differentiated learning is achieved because student performance throughout all three Experiences informs instruction.

  • The Lexile® Measure Placement Test, ongoing assessment, and progress monitoring tailor instruction to each individual student's needs
  • Relevant remediation ensures students receive the support they need, when they need it
  • Critical Thinking Applications provide each student practice and extension opportunities for previously mastered skills

Data-Driven Differentiation screenshot

Data-Driven Progress Monitoring screenshot

Data-Driven Progress Monitoring

FLEXWorks™ Online Teacher Tool helps teachers monitor progress and easily target the needs of each student, to maximize instructional effectiveness. Relevant reporting is central to FLEXWorks™ and includes reporting on Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Critical information required to make decisions is provided at a student, classroom, school and district level.